The Invert Series reflects on the limits of vision while questioning notions about the veracity of photographs, emphasizing the construction behind every image.

The series consists of both black and white and color negative inversions (the making of a negative image out of a positive) of both digital and film photographs. The work on color reinforces the dreamlike quality of the images, injecting them with an aura of otherworldliness which pulls them to the realm of the pictorial. The exuberance of nature and the bucolic seems to be the central theme of the Invert series, visibly contrasting with the rest of my work, where the city has such a strong presence. However, this is only in appearance, since in fact all the photos belonging to the Invert Series were taken in the middle of the street of major cities around the world (New York, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paris and Madrid among others). This taps into the underlying idea that runs through all my photographic work: an image is always a construction, the only way to show reality is by transforming it.