Experimenting with the technique of collage and photo-collage broadens the search and deepen the work on notions of space-time multiplicity, a distinctive feature of my photographic work.

Both the sentient, material world and the virtual world are made up of images that continuously challenge us. Collage, through its technique, crystallizes and visually manifests our relationship with images, generating meaning from an apparently unconnected whole. The juxtaposition and association of different images creates an enigmatic visual text that provokes the viewer´s imagination.

At the same time, photo-collages function as a kind of intimate visual diary that allows me to explore themes that run through all my photographic work: time, desire, ways of seeing; the intimate and the public spheres and the city and the natural world. In the photo-collages I mostly use my own photographs. There is no appropriation of pre-existing images, as in my physical collages. Creating them allows me to process my emotions, thoughts and moods, they carry a personal bearing that turns them into indirect self-portraits. They are an extension of myself, a way of making sense of the world around me.

The written word has a privileged place in my work. Language allows us to reason, words articulate our ability to think. The presence of a sign in a photograph or a word introduced in a photo-collage adds a layer of meaning. But one can also think through images. Collages and photo-collage function as visual metaphors charged with great symbolic power. Words enhance the suggestive power of images and images enhance the evocative power of words.